What is History?

We started our Ancient Civilizations unit this afternoon, and started out by watching this video and asking the question “what IS history?”

Students will then learn about 5-6 ancient civilizations for the next four weeks.  The first two weeks will be with me, and the second two weeks will be with Ms .Hoff as we will be switching.  It is just an introduction/overview of the ideas behind each time period because it will just be studied from 2:30 – 3:00 each day.

During grandparents day last week, one of the jobs students had was to introduce their special guests to myself.  I then took a picture of them!  Each student has at least 1-3 copies of the photos I took in their folder today – please look for them and share them with the special guests who came.  If students did not have a visitor, they still participated and joined up with another adult or special guest in the room.  They will also have at least one photo!  I hope you enjoy the copies.

Students need to read 20 minutes tonight, and make sure it gets written on their reading log chart.  They should also study their spelling words because they’re test is on THURSDAY due to Friday being a teacher workshop day.

Their wolf projects are almost done – ask your student about their project and remind them they need to be completely finished by Thursday for when we present our projects to first graders.