What a day!

We were busy, and will continue to be all week!  Here are some updates/announcements/news:

NATIONAL ENGINEERING WEEK:  This week is National Engineering week.  Today, we talked about the Engineering process. Students were given a challenge:  how can I make the fastest sailboat?  They will be working all week, (using the engineering process) to build a sailboat.  Today we were in the “explore” and “design” stage of the process.  Tomorrow they will create their sailboat, and have their first trial.  They will need to write about what happened during their trial, before changing their design for trial #2 on Thursday.  Students are SO excited about this project, and are already working very hard.

Boat Books


Students took all of their research and are now writing paragraphs. Once their writing is done they are creating a google doc in order to type their essay.

On Friday, students are having a “five president” quiz.  They need to all memorize the first five presidents in order.  There is an optional contest on Thursday, for any student who wants to learn more than five presidents in order and compete for a prize.

Here is an extra copy of all the presidents:

List of Presidents

They will be turning their essay into a speech next week.


Students also have a new communication sheet, a new spelling list, and a new reading log in their folders today.