Weekly update

Good afternoon!  Our story this week has been the Three Javelinas.  We have read the story, worked on finding the meaning of new words in the text, and have been practicing it as a play.  Reading in different ways help with fluency, and with having fun with a text.  Students really seem to enjoy this and are working hard.

We have also started to learn about Wolves – we will be learning about wolves for the next few weeks, until our field trip which is now on Thursday October 2.  I have gotten almost 20 wolf books from the Ramsey Co library, and students have enjoyed reading the different books.  Yesterday, students were asked to think about one or two things they would like to learn more about, in regards to wolves.  I took their responses, and put each student into three categories – this will now be their research topic and they will become the “expert” of this wolf topic!  Then they will teach the other groups what they have learned.

During writing time we are  working on writing in complete sentences.  If your child needs extra “printing” practice and you would like extra practice sheets for home, just let me know.

Our second spelling test is tomorrow – if you have internet at home, have your student try “spelling city!”  It’s a fun and different way to practice the words.  All students wrote a goal last week of how many spelling words they want to get correct.  They will write a new goal each week.  All students do need to try all 20 words, with the last five being the only optional words.