Happy Wednesday!  Students have all selected their poem(s) to recite on Friday during our “Poetry and Punch” party.  They have copies of them to take home tonight.  They need to practice both nights – reading their poem to an audience.  They will be allowed to use their paper, however eye contact and expression are very important, and that is where practice will help!

This afternoon we will be talking about agriculture in MN, and students will be “planting” a soy bean seed in a small plastic bag – it will be put with a wet cotton ball, and should germinate within three days.  They will be taking their “soy boy” home tonight and should keep care of it at home.  We will have a few in class that we will be changing the conditions of, to see what happens….At home, they should keep the cotton ball moist, but not soaking wet.  Once it hits the top of the bag they should bring it back!

Students are also trying to think of alliterations of their names this week…..ask them what that means!!!?