The week ahead

The students are enjoying watching the snow today…..

Today they will have the following things in their folders:

New communication sheet, new reading log, new spelling list, and another reminder about the parent night open house on Thursday.

This week we will be learning how to write a letter, reading and writing about Veteran’s Day (tomorrow), and reading a story called The Keeping Quilt.  We will also be working on the Author’s purpose and point of view in a variety of stories.

On Thursday is our parent night open house.  It will run from 6pm – 7pm, and you can stop by for about 15 minutes at any time during that hour.  Your child will have some things to show you, and you will leave with progress update sheets from homeroom, math and from reading to go through at home.  If you are not able to come your child will bring the progress sheets home with them on Friday.