Report Card Day

Happy Friday!  Students will be bringing home their report cards today in their folders.  Here are a few things I went over with the students regarding report cards:

– Report cards are a way to show where a student is performing, which is hard to do with a number!  Reading and homeroom teachers work together to figure out the most appropriate “grade” for each student in order to communicate what we are seeing at school.

– You will see comments from myself – where I wrote about what we are learning in class, how your students is working during homeroom time,  and a goal for each student.   You may also see comments from your student’s math teacher, and specialists.

– In the envelope there will also be work samples, as well as items from your student’s reading teacher and math teacher.

– Students are instructed to NOT OPEN the envelopes until they are with an adult at home…..

– Envelopes need to be returned to school with an adult signature