Reading Logs…

Happy Monday!  This morning students learned all about the state of Hawaii!  Our story this week is “The Three Little Hawaiian Pigs and the Magic Shark.”  Students haven’t read the story yet….I gave them the title and background information about Hawaii, and in groups they worked to come up with predictions.  They needed to recall the other two similar stories we have read this year, along with this prior knowledge of the place in order to create their prediction story.

Students also got back their Friday’s spelling test, and their next list of words.  Remember to check out our spelling city link for an extra copy of the list and online games and activities with the words.  Students all made a goal for themselves for the next test.

Our weekly reading logs are also starting today.  These will be due each Monday – here are a few things about our reading logs:

– Students are expected to read about 20 minutes a night

– There are boxes to record what the student read and how many minutes, for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then for the weekend.

– Students are also required to reflect on what they read and to write about it.

– Our reading log looks like a Menu – with a choice for the “appetizer” the “main course” and the “dessert.”

– For the first few weeks, I will choose what they need to write about.

– The main course and the dessert need to be complete sentences.  They should answer each question listed on the menu.

– Students can choose to do the writing at any time during the week – and about how much or how little they have read so far.

– The completed reading log chart and the menu writing will be due each Monday morning.

Students have all done practice Reading Menus in class, so that they know what is expected at home.

Since it is so important for students to not only read – but to comprehend, reflect and discuss their reading – this type of reading log is a great tool.  It will also allow me to see their writing progress – both with handwriting and forming complete sentences.  Students will receive comments each week.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Here is an extra copy of the reading log!

Copy of Reading Log