Raz kids online

Happy rainy day!  Our school has purchased accounts for the students on Learning A-Z.  One of the components is called “Raz Kids.”  This is a place where students can find a LOT of books to read online at their level.  Students were given a reading fluency test, and then I took that number and assigned each individual student to an individual Raz book level online.  This way, when they sign in and go to “assignments” they will see books at their specific reading level.  They read their choice of books, and take online quizzes.  It allows for differentiation within the classroom and for students to work at their own pace to continue to increase reading fluency and comprehension, and eventually moving to different levels. Students can also try and work on this at home!  We practiced signing in and using the site this morning.  It’s another great tool for them to have in their tool box.

Please remember how important it is for students to still get practice reading aloud to someone at home.  Looking for expression, fluency within sentences, and at a rate that is similar to talking are all important aspects of becoming a better reader.

Click here for the Raz student sign in (teacher username is kstanoch).  There is also a permanent tab on my top menu bar for sign in.