Pay it Forward

This afternoon, we talked about what the phrase “Pay it Forward” means, and what is meant by a random act of kindness.  We related it to the Civil Rights leaders we are learning about, because these leaders did small acts that become something bigger than themselves.  Listening to Ruby Bridges today; at the time, she just felt like she was going to school.  One small act.  And look what that has become.

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. day on Monday, I am encouraging/ challenging each student to pay it forward, or to “do” one random act of kindness over the long weekend.  We watched this short clip in order to start our conversation:

Click here for Pay it Forward Video Clip

ALSO a few announcements:    Students got a new spelling list TODAY, for the test next THURSDAY 1/23.  We also got to see the Brooklyn Park jump rope double dutch competition team.  It was so fun to see 4th – 6th grade students jump rope!