Reader’s Theater

Wow!  This morning, students participated in their first Reader’s Theater of The Three Javelinas.  We will do a few of these throughout the year as a different way to participate in whole group reading.  I was SO PROUD of every single student – both as audience members and as performers.  They were fantastic.  Towards the spring, after we have done a few, they will become more like “real plays” instead of just a reader’s theater, so I will then invite parents to come in to see one.  This time, I did video tape all three groups, so I will plan on sharing the videos with you all.  I will be putting it on an online password protected page, so that parents only will receive access……

This afternoon students will take their second spelling test, and then continue to learn more about wolves.  We developed questions yesterday for different wolf topics and we have a lot of great questions to research.  The three main topic groups are:  communication, characteristics and habitat/survival.

Have a great weekend!

Weekly update

Good afternoon!  Our story this week has been the Three Javelinas.  We have read the story, worked on finding the meaning of new words in the text, and have been practicing it as a play.  Reading in different ways help with fluency, and with having fun with a text.  Students really seem to enjoy this and are working hard.

We have also started to learn about Wolves – we will be learning about wolves for the next few weeks, until our field trip which is now on Thursday October 2.  I have gotten almost 20 wolf books from the Ramsey Co library, and students have enjoyed reading the different books.  Yesterday, students were asked to think about one or two things they would like to learn more about, in regards to wolves.  I took their responses, and put each student into three categories – this will now be their research topic and they will become the “expert” of this wolf topic!  Then they will teach the other groups what they have learned.

During writing time we are  working on writing in complete sentences.  If your child needs extra “printing” practice and you would like extra practice sheets for home, just let me know.

Our second spelling test is tomorrow – if you have internet at home, have your student try “spelling city!”  It’s a fun and different way to practice the words.  All students wrote a goal last week of how many spelling words they want to get correct.  They will write a new goal each week.  All students do need to try all 20 words, with the last five being the only optional words.

Spelling City

You can now find the spelling lists on “Spelling City” – a site that will show you our lists, and provide games and practice activities online.  I created a new tab at the top of our classroom blog with the title of Spelling City – go there to find our class link.  Hope this is helpful!  This week’s list goes along with our story for the week – The Three Javelinas.

Spelling test tomorrow!

Just a reminder that students have their first spelling test tomorrow….you can find an extra copy of the list below.  Some other fun ways of practicing spelling are:

– Spelling the words with scrabble tiles

– Practice typing them on a computer or keyboard (even if it doesn’t work, just the act of which letters go next)

Spelling list 9.12

This week….

Here are a few things about this week:

– Students started switching for reading yesterday afternoon.  You can ask them about their reading teacher!

– Continue to make sure students are reading 20 minutes a night.  We will start our reading logs soon – students need to first practice them in class, which we will learn about tomorrow.  Also make sure to look at and sign their yellow communication sheets – hopefully students are starting to write their individual math homework assignments on their communication sheet (when they have homework in math)

– We have our first school assembly tomorrow afternoon

– These next few weeks, we are looking at fractured fairytales – starting with The Three little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig!

– Today we talked about synonyms – the more you can talk about this at home and practice, the better!


We completed the marble challenge today.  Our class had great discussions afterwards, in regards to the purpose of the activity – ask your child about it!

Students had phy ed today for their specialist time – and we did a few minutes of “kid yoga” when they returned in order to settle down for our writer’s workshop.

This afternoon we are going to be learning about our brains, and making brain hats.  Here is a video we will watch about the brain…..

For the birds

We started today with a group challenge…..teams had to move a marble from a starting line to a finish line.  Sound easy?  Not when the marble has to go through each student’s pvc pipe (all different shapes and sizes), cannot be touched by any hands, and cannot fall on the ground……

After our first trial, teams had time to reflect on what they did well, and what they could work on.  Then they had some brainstorming time to create a plan for tomorrow’s trial.

blog photo

Students were introduced to talking chips today (we used bugs!) as one discussion tool when we work in groups.

We also watched “For the birds” – the Pixar short.  It lead our discussion about respect and bullying.  You can watch it here:

We also started math groups today!  Ask your child about their new math class……

Would you rather have an otter or an octopus living in your bathtub?

This was one of the questions we used yesterday, in order to practice partner talk.  The otter was the overwhelming choice!

Today we continued working on our routines and procedures, began our writer’s notebooks, and found out how much our names were “worth!”

Tomorrow we will start math groups.  Students will learn who their math teacher is during our morning work time.  Then, they will meet their teacher and have their first math class at 10:00am.

You will find your students’ communication sheet in their folder.   Please initial it and put it back in their backpack.

Tonight, you can ask your child about the M&M challenge…..