Happy Monday!  Students have some cursive homework tonight – 

In their folders you will also find the letter as written below:

Happy Monday!  As you know, our homeroom will be taking the MCA Reading test next week.  Most students will be taking it on April 8th and April 9th.  Please help your student by making sure they get a good night sleep the night before, and a good breakfast the day of.  Talk to them about the importance of doing their best – to prove what they know, and show how hard they have been working all year.

We will be working on practice questions throughout the week.  Attached are some additional practice problems for students to work on at home this week (instead of a reading log).  The stories and poems can be read at night for their nightly 20 minutes of reading, and encouraging them to read the passages out loud at home is always a plus.

The questions that follow each passage are optional, but encouraged. 

If students work on all of them WITH an adult, and return this packet by next Monday, April 6th they can earn a small prize.