Milk carton excitement

WOW!   I shared an article from a magazine with our class yesterday afternoon.  It was about a milk carton annual contest, where cafeteria milk cartons are collected, washed, and turned into a piece of art.   I am not sure I have ever seen a group of kids SO excited about something – I didn’t have to even think about it – we are participating!  Their enthusiasm is contagious, inspiring, and FUN!  We had a lot to talk about today…..problems we may run into, how to collect milk cartons, what sculpture we will make, etc.!

Students had to write about it, discuss in small groups, and tomorrow we will vote on our big idea.  I have said no tv characters, and we need to choose something we have already learned about this year, or something that we want to learn about.  Once our group votes and decides, we will focus some of our reading, writing, and learning time these next few weeks about our theme in order to really make our learning authentic and connect the project with our third grade standards.

Collecting the cartons in a manageable way was a great discussion we had this morning.  The students decided to assign three different students each day to collect at breakfast and at lunch.  We developed a system for doing this, we practiced what to say to the other students when asking for a carton, and we learned how and when we will clean the cartons.

Now, we also read about Pompeii and Mummy’s today, practiced writing in a sequence, went to math, participated in guided reading class, finished our monster stories, and made it to phy ed, but the cartons are definitely on everyone’s minds!

Here is more information about the contest.