Third grade has some exciting information to share. Sunnyside has purchased an “ixl” account for each third grader. Ixl is a website that provides both math and language arts practice. Skills are aligned to state standards, and allow students to work at their own pace.

When students log into their account, all of their work is automatically saved and shared with their teachers. We can see how many minutes students work on the site, how many problems they have done, and their scores for each skill.

When a student gets an incorrect answer, an explanation is always provided. This allows students to correct themselves as they move on to the next question.

All you need is a web browser for ixl to work. Whether you have internet at home, or are close to a public library, ixl is a great way to practice math at home.   For example, if your student needs more help with basic facts or review, they can work on second grade skills to boost their confidence. Once students master a third grade skill, they could work on the same skill in the fourth grade level if they need a challenge.


1. www.ixl.com

2. In the upper right hand corner, you will see the username and password boxes.

The username is:   first initial complete last name @ sunnysidemn (no spaces or capital letters)   Example:   kstanoch@sunnysidemn

3. The password for all students: sunny.621

4. Select either “MATH” or “LANGUAGE ARTS” and then Third Grade Skills.

5. You can also select “MINNESOTA STATE STANDARDS” to see which specific ixl skills are tied directly to which state standard.

Your students will be shown how to use ixl during class – ask them to show you! Let me know if you have any questions.