If I were the President of the United States…..

This was our sentence starter for our morning writing time today.  It was so fun to hear all of the amazing ideas that students had. Many were food related, but there were so many calls for helping others.  I made a copy of each (before any corrections or comments) on gold paper to send home.  Look for your child’s in their folder tonight!

We started our President unit by also reading the book “Grace for President,” and then completed a complete sentence activity within the story.

By the conclusion of this unit, students will research a President, write and deliver a speech, and write a letter to be mailed to President Obama.  We will also learn about the process to become the President, and a bit about how government works.

Students will need to memorize the first five presidents in order, but there will also be an optional contest for memorizing the most in order.  This will take place on Friday, February 27.