Happy Valentine’s Day!

We had had a busy day so far~!  We started our morning by watching the clip from the I Love Lucy show when she is working at the chocolate factory.  Then, we watched the corresponding CNN news story about the real factory today and how the chocolates are made.  We then read an article as a class about Milton Hershey, and how he showed perseverance in order to start the company we know as Hershey.

We then had a taste test of different types of Hershey Kisses.  Students had to write descriptions of the packaging, and then what the chocolate smelled like, looked like, and felt like before trying the taste.  Lastly, they wrote about the taste of each different type.  Then, we learned about Haiku’s, and wrote a different Haiku for each different type of chocolate!  I am keeping one at school, but two will come home tonight.

This afternoon all third graders will be playing “Bingo for Books” in the cafeteria, before we pass out Valentine’s towards the end of the day.