Happy Tuesday!

Good afternoon!  Here are a few special announcements:

– Tomorrow is library day!  Help your student remember their books.

– Friday we will have a special in-school field trip about wolves!  Staff from the Ely wolf center will be joining each third grade classroom for an hour in the afternoon.

– We are continuing to write our fractured fairy tales, working on complete sentences, typing, and paragraph formation.

– We are reading “The World According to Humphrey” as a whole class – we all love it!

– There is an info sheet about our “fall party” tonight in students’ folders.  Please read it carefully.  There is a photo of it below.

– We have started recording responses to what we are reading in a google spreadsheet.  Each student has their own and is responsible for writing about what they are reading, and using a dictionary to look up unknown words.  We will use this all year.

Fall Party Info