Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a great break – sure sounds like from our sharing time this morning!

In your students folder tonight, you should find…..a GOLD communication sheet, a PURPLE reading log, and a GREEN spelling list!

You have until Wednesday to submit a book order if you would like to – please follow the “Scholastic Book Order” tab to place an online order.  Your books WILL arrive before winter break.

Please return the manila envelopes tomorrow regarding the fundraiser.  The envelopes need to be returned to the PTA even if you are not participating.

This week we are reading “Grandma’s Records” – according to the students, records are VERY VERY old cds… We read the story, answered questions and started writing about it.

We will be continuing our letter writing unit and sending letters to 7th graders at Edgewood.

We will also be learning about common and proper nouns this week, and spelling plurals.