Adinkra Cloth

Adinkra cloth is a hand-printed fabric made in Ghana, which is located in West Africa. They are cloths made by the Ashanti people that tell stories or express thoughts and feelings. There are many Adinkra symbols and each of them has different meanings. We learned about this while reading The Talking Cloth.

We have been working with these symbols and this story for the past two days.  Students were asked to choose some of the symbols that represented something about themselves.  They had to write about why they chose what they did.  It was so cool to read and hear about what  the chose to represent themselves!  Our group is AMAZING about being brave enough to share their writing and ideas with the whole group – it is really special.  Look for these to come home this week, you will enjoy reading them as well.

We then moved on to the art behind the cloths, and student had to create stencils of their symbols before making it look like a true Adinkra cloth.  We talked about the art term “resistance” when you use a crayon and then watercolor over the wax.