A few announcements

Happy Wednesday!  Here are some weekly announcements…..

– Our reading logs have started this week!  Check out my post about the expectations for more details.  Make sure each night students are filling out WHAT they read and for how LONG – the writing portion of the assignment can be done when it works – some choose to do all the writing in one night, some like to do the appetizer one day, and spread it out….

– Yesterday we had a special guest – Mr. Marvin Sims – who works in the district as a counselor and teacher – come talk to us about persistence and being a student.  He shared his life story, and encouraged the students to dream big and work hard.

– Yesterday we also attending the Sunnyside Bullying presentation.  Students wrote a few things they learned during the presentation, and you should see their writing in their folders tonight.

– Our wolf field trip is a week from tomorrow – make sure you have turned in the permission slip!

– We have continued to study wolves this week, and are using laptops this afternoon to increase our sources.  Ask your child what they are learning about the wolf!

– Remember to help your student practice their spelling list for our test on Friday.