Spirit Week Reminders!

Tuesday- Favorite sports team day
Wednesday- Wacky Wear Wednesday
Thursday- Twin Day
Friday- School Spirit Day


We are also having a food drive this week – if you can send any non-perishable food items to donate it would be appreciated!



Students have now finished their president speeches, and have taken their test on the first five presidents.  Today was our optional contest, where students could choose to memorize more than five of the presidents in order.  We had 18 students participate!  Wow!  We had five students who knew more than 15 presidents in order, and ten students who knew between 9 and 14!  The extra effort and time taken outside of school to prepare was fun and exciting to see today.

I did video tape each speech, and will be sending each individual video to parent email addresses listed in TSIS.  I will have this done within a week.


Fitbit Questions

Happy Wednesday!  Here are some more facts about the fitbits:

– It is true!  After the month long grant project, students ARE able to keep the fitbits that they have received through this Unicef grant.  They will also be getting a charger at the end of the month.  We hope students will continue to use these and to continue to stay active!

– They are NOT waterproof – they are water resistant….I encourage my students to have a safe place at home, and to use this same place anytime they take it off.

– The batteries will wear out faster if they are checking their steps too much, or playing with it.

Here is the Unicef Kid Power Video

Get Active

Third, fourth, and fifth graders at Sunnyside get to participate in a “get active, save lives” month-long activity starting tomorrow.  We are all very excited about it!  You will see more information coming home tonight in their folders – and I included a copy of the letter below.



Tomorrow, my reading class will be presenting their President Speeches and they have a test on recalling (writing) the first five presidents in order.  They have had a lot of in class time to research and write their speeches, and they took home the list of presidents to study last week.  There is an optional contest to memorize more than five, and most students are choosing to participate which is great!  It should be a good and busy day!  They should practice both tonight!

No mirrors in my Nana’s house

Today we will finish our work on Jackie Robinson.  Students have been reading about his life, and working on a google sheet in order to organize their information.  They have also been practicing using a dictionary to find the meaning of unknown words (a great thing to practice at home too!).  You will see these charts come home this week – they worked hard!  We will start our President unit tomorrow.

We also read the book No Mirrors in my Nana’s House.

(Students, click here for your comprehension question assignment)

Happy Friday

We had a busy week, learning and writing about Ruby Bridges and Jackie Robinson.  Book clubs are still meeting during our morning rotation time, and next week we will begin our presidents unit!

You will see report cards in student folders tonight – please sign and return the envelope.  Look for Valentines Day info next Monday.

Have a great weekend!