Veteran’s Day

As you know, Veteran’s Day was yesterday.  One of our activities of the day was to write letters.  As I have said before, I use letters to teach writing skills with my third graders because it’s authentic and interesting!  Our letters will be sent to Operation Gratitude, where they then will be sent out to currently deployed service men and women.

Veteran's Day letters


We have started our Animal Classification Unit.  We have read about animals skulls, learned new vocabulary used when talking about predators and prey, started talking about how animals are classified, took notes about different groups, watched videos, and more!  It is truly an interdisciplinary project, and students are seeing it in every subject.  In math, students will be using skulls that we have checked out from the Science Museum.  My homeroom will also be using these in art class tomorrow with their chrome books!  Starting next week students will begin a research project where they will have a specific animal to learn more about.



Our class has been reading The World According to Humphrey for a few weeks now – we have all been loving it!  We finished it yesterday, and now students are creating book trailers!  It’s a good way to introduce a new way of responding to literature, along with learning the technology of google slides.  Students are VERY exciting about this new mini project!