The week ahead…

Happy Monday!  Here are some weekly announcements!

– We started a new “context clue” activity today – as a reminder, when your child asks you what a word means during their reading time, help them figure it out by using the text around the unknown word!

– Friday is the fall party – see previous handout (and post) regarding costume rules, please remember that there are no edible treats aloud to share.

– Wednesday is library day!  Some of us are still forgetting to return our books on time….

– As a class we are reading “The World According to Humphrey.”  Ask your child about it – we are all enjoying it~!

(New spelling, reading logs and communication sheets were all sent home today!)

Happy Tuesday!

Good afternoon!  Here are a few special announcements:

– Tomorrow is library day!  Help your student remember their books.

– Friday we will have a special in-school field trip about wolves!  Staff from the Ely wolf center will be joining each third grade classroom for an hour in the afternoon.

– We are continuing to write our fractured fairy tales, working on complete sentences, typing, and paragraph formation.

– We are reading “The World According to Humphrey” as a whole class – we all love it!

– There is an info sheet about our “fall party” tonight in students’ folders.  Please read it carefully.  There is a photo of it below.

– We have started recording responses to what we are reading in a google spreadsheet.  Each student has their own and is responsible for writing about what they are reading, and using a dictionary to look up unknown words.  We will use this all year.

Fall Party Info

This week!

I realized I forgot to hand out a communication sheet today – happy Monday!

Here are a few announcements:

– We will have a few fire drills this week

– There is no school on Thursday or Friday

– No spelling or reading log this week due to the short week – but students should still be reading at home!

– We will continue to work on our story writing this week – learning about how to write complete sentences and form paragraphs.

– We will start to learn about wolves for our next Unit Studies mini unit.

– We have Phy Ed tomorrow – so wear tennis shoes!

Have a good week!


This morning we learned about a haiku.  As a class, we wrote one about picture day (see below).  Throughout the day today students are working on their own haiku, about gray whales, which we read a bit about yesterday.

We also are moving ahead with writing fractured fairy tales – students are really enjoying this unit and while it is a long one, it will incorporate many writing standards into one project by the end.  Ask them about their story!

Picture Day Haiku, by room 132

Picture day is here.

When they take your pic, smile!

I love picture day.


A few important weekly reminders

Here are a few important reminders about this week:

– No school for students on Friday

– Spelling test and reading log are both due on THURSDAY

– PICTURE DAY tomorrow!  Students brought home an order form yesterday

– We had our first fire drill today, and tomorrow morning students will participate in a quick bus evacuation safety drill

We started writing our fractured fairly tales today…..story maps, paragraph writing, editing, and elements of a story will all be taught during mini lessons throughout the next two weeks.

In small groups we have been working on finding answers within text, and we will be moving on to using context clues to find unknown word meanings Thursday.