Field Trip Tomorrow!

Tomorrow you will need:

  • To be DRESSED for the weather (warm and dry)
  • Good shoes for walking
  • To bring a BAG LUNCH if you signed up for lunch from home

We leave at 9:15 -don’t be late to school.

Also, a reminder that early goal setting conferences will be next week – CLICK HERE for the link to the sign up.

Happy Friday!

This morning, we got to meet the robot that one of our students has built!  It was very cool to see all of his hard work literally come to life!  Way to go Cameron!

We took our second spelling test, and had our first rotation day for reading groups.  We have been practicing all of the elements for a few weeks now, and our first day was successful.

Students had art class today which they always look forward to, and this afternoon after math we will be sending our letters to our 7th grade pen pals at Edgewood Middle School.  We will end our day with more reading and practice singing our newest song “Velcro!”

It’s been a great week – enjoy your weekend!


Busy day!  Today we learned how to use some more tools on the chrome books.  We wrote letters to our 7th grade pen pals for the first time using Google Classroom and Google Docs.  We talked about (and practiced!) starting every sentence with a capital letter and ending every sentence with punctuation.  We learn more about service dogs and learned about the non-fiction picture book “Tuesday Tucks Me In” by Luis Carlos Montalvan which we will read tomorrow.

We also visited the school library and checked out new books! Every Wednesday morning is our library time.

Hopefully everyone has seen the new reading logs!  If you haven’t returned the permission slip for next week’s field trip please do so TOMORROW!

Raz kids online

Happy rainy day!  Our school has purchased accounts for the students on Learning A-Z.  One of the components is called “Raz Kids.”  This is a place where students can find a LOT of books to read online at their level.  Students were given a reading fluency test, and then I took that number and assigned each individual student to an individual Raz book level online.  This way, when they sign in and go to “assignments” they will see books at their specific reading level.  They read their choice of books, and take online quizzes.  It allows for differentiation within the classroom and for students to work at their own pace to continue to increase reading fluency and comprehension, and eventually moving to different levels. Students can also try and work on this at home!  We practiced signing in and using the site this morning.  It’s another great tool for them to have in their tool box.

Please remember how important it is for students to still get practice reading aloud to someone at home.  Looking for expression, fluency within sentences, and at a rate that is similar to talking are all important aspects of becoming a better reader.

Click here for the Raz student sign in (teacher username is kstanoch).  There is also a permanent tab on my top menu bar for sign in.

Marshmallows or M & M’s?

Our writing question today was:  Would you rather be in a pool of marshmallows or in a pool of M & M’s?  What I loved about today was how many students were willing to, and WANTED to share their writing with the class.  Yay!  We had a lot of great supporting reasons to their choice…..ask your student what they chose tonight!

Since dessert was the topic of the day – just a reminder about birthday treats.  As a district, edible birthday treats are no longer allowed.  There are too many severe allergies to make this doable.  We will still make the birthday kiddo feel special, and if they want to bring stickers or pencils to share with all of their homeroom friends (27) that is completely fine.  Thanks for your understanding!

This upcoming week…..

Students started their math classes late last week- ask your child who they have for math!  You should receive additional information from their math teacher this week at some point.  

We have phy ed tomorrow- wear tennis shoes!  

During the morning reading time, we will be finishing up our work on “Miss Nelson is Missing,” and then move into a fractured fairy tale unit. We will read through our first readers theater and start practicing rotations of small groups.  

Students will have their first spelling list sent home tomorrow with their first test on Friday.  

We will continue to learn about chromebooks and on Friday afternoon we have our first all school assembly of the year.  

It should be a great week!!!