Baby ducks!

Well, baby ducks were born in our courtyard yesterday (our windows overlook the courtyard) so you can imagine the distractions we had today!  I had “duck breaks” because I did want to validate how cool it is, but also because we needed to get some learning done today!  

This afternoon I decided we needed to seize the moment, so I scraped my plans and we wrote baby duck poems. They had three different types of poems to choose from, and their final copy had to be done in cursive.  Their homework tonight is to read their poem to someone at home.  

Here are a few baby ducks pics!



This week, we have been doing some non-fiction reading surrounding different occupations.  The website has lots of different occupations listed that are then all linked to articles, videos and kid websites to learn about what that job entails.  Students first had to explore as many as they could, before narrowing it down to one to research further.  They seem to enjoy this activity.

I have been reading “Wonder” by RJ Palacio as a read aloud and everyone is really enjoying it.  I would highly recommend any older sibling or adult to read it as well – it’s just a great book with a ton of important “stuff” to talk about.

Here is some more about the book.

Pen Pals

This morning our 7th grade pen pals came over from Edgewood.  It was SO FUN~!  It was a quick visit, but fun to put “real faces” to our letters that we have been exchanging all year.  We also performed two songs for them (I was so proud of our 3rd graders for doing this!) and make pinwheels after they paired up.  This afternoon I am going to link that to some learning and reading about wind energy.  Another great day in 132~!  I will email you all a photo, since I don’t put photos of faces on the pulic blog.