Happy Wednesday!

Students should wear tennis shoes tomorrow.  As a reminder, tomorrow is when we are taking a walking field trip with Mrs. Vanderbilt.  We will be having our art class and lesson on the outdoor classroom deck of Edgewood.  We created our covers for our Outdoor Art Journals and tomorrow’s art lesson will be mainly around observation.  We are all excited for this trip!  Our homeroom will be eating lunch 20 minutes early, but the cafeteria is ready to serve us normal lunch (so no changes for you or kids) and I will be eating with them.

Hopefully your student has given you the invitation to our Spring Performance on June 2nd at 2:30.  This is optional of course, but you are invited to come watch!  It covers our units throughout the year.  For the first “act”, it is a play – students choose to be an actor or to be on the art crew for this.  The remaining “units” are represented by a song or a speaking poem.  All students are in those portions.  It won’t be very long – you can then either take your student home a little early, or head back to work if you need to!


Tomorrow is our first trip over to Edgewood.  It is a pretty quick trip – we will be gone for about an hour.  We are taking the bus however some of the hour will be spend outdoors – so please make sure students are wearing appropriate clothes for the weather and tennis shoes would be great.   They will be paired with a current 7th grader, who will be teaching them about their grade level STEAM project they have worked on this year (plants and experimenting with the elements).  We will start in the middle school science lab, and then we will then get a tour of their outdoor gardens and outdoor classroom.

The Ordway

There is a cool brochure going home tonight- the Ordway is having the annual “International Childrens Festival” May 30-May 31.  There are free outdoor festivities and five indoor theater shows for only $5!  



What does greatness – true greatness- mean to you? 

 This was our morning work today.  Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be at the U of MN with Gloria Ladson-Billings at a leadership conference.  One of my favorites quotes of the day was “true greatness is defined by how you make others feel about themselves.” So, I proposed this topic to the students this mornjng, and asked for them to write a response to it.  I read them all, but am not grading them or changing spelling or correcting grammar.  It led to some great conversation and ties in with our read aloud “Wonder.”  Look for their responses tonight in their folder.