Today we learned about Haiku’s, and students each wrote their own Spring Haiku.  Ask your student to recite theirs!

We also worked on our Spring Performance.  We are continuing to work on cursive, and a lot of students have now learned almost every letter.

This afternoon we will be starting our MINNESOTA unit – learning all about the history of our state.

Mail day

Wow – did we get some exciting mail today!  

Responses from President Obama!  What is impressive is that we mailed each student letter separately since we were also learning how to address envelopes.  So, they read them enough in order to realize it was a class sending letters.  Kids were VERY excited today :)


This week

What a beautiful Monday!

This week:

New spelling (test Friday), & new/full writing menu due next Monday.  

Our homeroom will be taking part 1 of the online MAP reading test tomorrow am.  This is the test they have taken before, and it fluctuates it’s questions based upon the students’ performance during the test.  

If you haven’t turned in both permission slips (bright blue for the MN history center) and orangish for all of the free walking trips, please do so soon.  If you’re interested in joining us for the May 21st walking art trip, let me know.  We will be gone from 11:30-1:30. 

Look at our plants!


Happy Wednesday

Yesterday we planted our vegetables in our milk cartons, as we also started learning about the parts and need of plants.  Today I brought in some cucumbers for a taste test because many of the students have never had one!

We are still working on our novel “Punished,” and our songs for our Spring Performance.  We also received vocabulary books from our pen pals, and wrote them back.

As as a reminder, tomorrow night is the Music Concert.  Students should report to their homeroom at 6:20pm, and parents can find seats in the Multi Purpose Room.  The concert will start at 6:30pm.


Wow!  There are so many amazing things coming up in May and June, that a list was needed!  You will receive more detailed information about everything below, but I wanted to get these important dates to you all…..

MAY 6:  Our pen pals are coming to our classroom in the morning

MAY 19:  Third grade field trip to Edgewood!  Each third grader will be paired with a current seventh grader.  This is a part of their seventh grade STEAM project.  They will teach their third grader about their recent green house project and experiment…we will get to taste test their plants/vegetables they grew, and then join them for a slice of pizza outside at the large Edgewood gardens.  We will have busing for this field trip, but it is FREE for Sunnyside students!

MAY 21:  Our homeroom only will venture back to Edgewood to spend and hour at the outdoor classroom that was built on a peninsula in the School Forest.  We will be going during our specialist time, which is ART on this day – Mrs. Vanderbilt will be joining us and we will be working on an outdoor environmental art project while there.  We will be walking this time, and this is also FREE.

MAY 28:  This is the annual third grade end of year field trip to the History Museum of MN.  There is a fee for this field trip.  You will see a permission slip (bright blue) being send home today.

JUNE 1:  A morning walk to the public library (they are opening it just for third graders this morning!) where we will participate in a special program with the librarian and learn about their summer program!  FREE trip.

JUNE 2:  at 2:30 our homeroom will be performing our end of year “play” – it is a mix of song, poetry and mini plays that encompass everything we have learned this year.  All parents are invited.  It will take place in the all purpose room.

MCA Reading Test Tomorrow

Just a reminder that we will be taking part 1 of the MCA Reading test tomorrow morning.  The second part will be on Thursday morning.  It is important for students to get a good night’s sleep and to eat breakfast the morning of these tests.  A reminder to do their best and a vote of confidence and support also go a long way!


Today is as nice as…..

We learned all about similes today!  We read a poem comprised only of similes, we wrote our own similes and shared them, we then split into small groups to read a reader’s theater about similes.

As a reminder, please have your student work on the MCA practice packet this weekend.  Many of them have told me they have been working on it all week – which is GREAT!  If they have an adult also go through it with them (either during or after as a discussion), please fill out the top of the packet.  Either way, I will take all packets back on Monday.