Happy Pi Celebration

We started our morning with the story below – and learned that the circumference divided by the diameter of ANY size circle is equal to Pi!  This year is extra special because it’s also 2015 – so on Saturday (real pi day), it’s 3/14/15 which are the first five digits of pi!

Our optional contest was a success – 18 students participated!  The big winner was Tatum with 45 correct digits recited!

This afternoon we have been finishing our Obama letters (look for a copy of their final draft in their folders) and learning how to address envelopes.


We are about halfway done with our speeches…the rest will be going right after library today.  WOW – am I impressed and proud of how they are doing, AND how they are acting as audience members!  It has been so fun to see them perform in this way.  I am video taping them, and will try to figure out how to email individual videos to individual families….probably will not be until over the weekend though.  Happy Friday to all!

Speeches are tomorrow!

Students have had practice time in class yesterday and today, and shojld practice tonight as well.  Make sure they don’t forget their notecards at home though!  Here is what I will be looking for ….. 

Sailboat Racing

Today was our final sailboat race!  The final products compared to our first trail are astounding!  Students learned so much about trial/error, sailboats, and how important it is to take something and make it better.  PERSISTENCE was shown every day.  Below are a few videos of the faster boats!  Enjoy!