If I were in charge of the world….

Ask your student to read their “if I were in the charge of the world” poem to you tonight…..students really enjoyed this activity and almost every one shared their creative and fun poems!  Wow we would be in for many treats, video games, late bedtimes, and no vegetables if third graders were in charge of the world!  :)


Happy Monday!  Students have some cursive homework tonight – 

In their folders you will also find the letter as written below:

Happy Monday!  As you know, our homeroom will be taking the MCA Reading test next week.  Most students will be taking it on April 8th and April 9th.  Please help your student by making sure they get a good night sleep the night before, and a good breakfast the day of.  Talk to them about the importance of doing their best – to prove what they know, and show how hard they have been working all year.

We will be working on practice questions throughout the week.  Attached are some additional practice problems for students to work on at home this week (instead of a reading log).  The stories and poems can be read at night for their nightly 20 minutes of reading, and encouraging them to read the passages out loud at home is always a plus.

The questions that follow each passage are optional, but encouraged. 

If students work on all of them WITH an adult, and return this packet by next Monday, April 6th they can earn a small prize.


Happy Wednesday!  Students have all selected their poem(s) to recite on Friday during our “Poetry and Punch” party.  They have copies of them to take home tonight.  They need to practice both nights – reading their poem to an audience.  They will be allowed to use their paper, however eye contact and expression are very important, and that is where practice will help!

This afternoon we will be talking about agriculture in MN, and students will be “planting” a soy bean seed in a small plastic bag – it will be put with a wet cotton ball, and should germinate within three days.  They will be taking their “soy boy” home tonight and should keep care of it at home.  We will have a few in class that we will be changing the conditions of, to see what happens….At home, they should keep the cotton ball moist, but not soaking wet.  Once it hits the top of the bag they should bring it back!

Students are also trying to think of alliterations of their names this week…..ask them what that means!!!?


Poetry overload

This morning we started our poetry scavenger hunt- both for required items to find, and for a poem they want to perform during our “poetry and punch” party on Friday.  Students had a wonderful morning reading, discussing, and sharing poems.  


Welcome back and happy Monday!

It was so great to see all of the students today!  We had a lot of sharing to do this morning, and we funneled our energy into writing and drawing about our time away from school.

This afternoon we will be reading a non-fiction article about the Emerald ash borer species.  The students also start their mini “beetle unit” this afternoon with their science teacher.

This week we will be planting some bean plants (inside our classroom under grow lights) while we also learn about the life cycle of a plant.

We also will be reading and writing poetry this week.  Tomorrow morning our focus will be reading as many poems as we can – looking for specific elements – but also to just enjoy poetry.  Students will also be looking for a poem to learn and to recite on Friday during our “punch and poetry” afternoon.

We will also start to prepare for the MCA test – our homeroom will be taking the reading portion of the MCA test on April 8th and April 9th. Students will be taking the math portion with their math class.

Students will have a new spelling list, reading log and communication sheet in their folders tonight.

Happy “spring!?”



Blog mix-up – sorry for all the notices!

To all of those who subscribe and receive automatic emails from our classroom blog – sorry for the four emails tonight – and the pictures of my children :)  ….Somehow my family blog got the wires cross with our classroom one, and email notices were sent to you all  – until I noticed.