Calling all pencils!

Happy Friday!  We are quite the writers in room 132, and our pencil supply is getting very low!  If any families would like to donate pencils to our classroom stash, it would be very appreciated by us all!

This week

Happy Wednesday!  This week students read the book “Balto,” answering questions about the story and the characters, and making connections to their own lives.  Today we started talking about the Iditarod dog sled race, and a little about Alaska.

We continue to work on homophones…especially there/they’re and their!  Feel free to work on these more at home!

To finish up our Civil Rights Unit, students wrote letters to Ruby Bridges today.  Her website encourages students to write about what they learn about her story and the Civil Rights movement, and she sometimes uses letters for her work.  Since our class uses writing letters as a way to work on our writing, this was the perfect way to summarize our unit.  I will be sending home a copy of their letter in their folders this week.

Students are also busy writing back to their 7th grade pen pals.  We are also continuing to work on cursive letters – look for another cursive homework page to be sent home tomorrow, on THURSDAY night.