Sailboats, Dictionary, and Reading night!

We had some special visitors this morning….the Lions Club came and presented each third grader with their very own dictionary!  We will use them at school, but eventually they will be bringing them home to keep.

Student Dictionary

Students had their second trial today for their sailboats….these boats are amazing!  Ask your student about their boat, and what changes they have made…..


Remember there is a family reading night tonight!  6:00pm – 7:30pm

We also had a president contest today!  Tatum was the big winner, with 26 presidents!!!  Way to go!  Congrats to ALL who participated!

What a day!

We were busy, and will continue to be all week!  Here are some updates/announcements/news:

NATIONAL ENGINEERING WEEK:  This week is National Engineering week.  Today, we talked about the Engineering process. Students were given a challenge:  how can I make the fastest sailboat?  They will be working all week, (using the engineering process) to build a sailboat.  Today we were in the “explore” and “design” stage of the process.  Tomorrow they will create their sailboat, and have their first trial.  They will need to write about what happened during their trial, before changing their design for trial #2 on Thursday.  Students are SO excited about this project, and are already working very hard.

Boat Books


Students took all of their research and are now writing paragraphs. Once their writing is done they are creating a google doc in order to type their essay.

On Friday, students are having a “five president” quiz.  They need to all memorize the first five presidents in order.  There is an optional contest on Thursday, for any student who wants to learn more than five presidents in order and compete for a prize.

Here is an extra copy of all the presidents:

List of Presidents

They will be turning their essay into a speech next week.


Students also have a new communication sheet, a new spelling list, and a new reading log in their folders today.

Dome Building

This morning we were lucky enough to have a special visitor!  Noor’s mom is a Civil Engineer, and came in to talk about what engineering is, and then the students all built geodesic domes, using gum drops and toothpics.  They wrote a prediction about its ability to hold weight, and we will be testing these this afternoon.  It was a great morning!  Next week is National Engineering week, and it was a fun way to kick off the learning that will continue to take place next week.


George Washington

We learned more about George Washington today, by exploring an online, interactive book through MackinVIA.  Students learned how to take and organize notes, and then worked on writing our first official paragraph.

We also read a poem “I like Myself” – one of the best readings of all time!  (My opinion).  We did videotape our performance, but the students voted to try it once more tomorrow morning.  I will email the video to parents.

Students had science today, and will have music tomorrow.

Make sure students are dressed in winter coats, with hats and mittens – both for recess and for coming and going to school.  Especially on days like tomorrow, with dangerous wind chills (They do have indoor recess on these extra chilly days).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We had had a busy day so far~!  We started our morning by watching the clip from the I Love Lucy show when she is working at the chocolate factory.  Then, we watched the corresponding CNN news story about the real factory today and how the chocolates are made.  We then read an article as a class about Milton Hershey, and how he showed perseverance in order to start the company we know as Hershey.

We then had a taste test of different types of Hershey Kisses.  Students had to write descriptions of the packaging, and then what the chocolate smelled like, looked like, and felt like before trying the taste.  Lastly, they wrote about the taste of each different type.  Then, we learned about Haiku’s, and wrote a different Haiku for each different type of chocolate!  I am keeping one at school, but two will come home tonight.

This afternoon all third graders will be playing “Bingo for Books” in the cafeteria, before we pass out Valentine’s towards the end of the day.

If I were the President of the United States…..

This was our sentence starter for our morning writing time today.  It was so fun to hear all of the amazing ideas that students had. Many were food related, but there were so many calls for helping others.  I made a copy of each (before any corrections or comments) on gold paper to send home.  Look for your child’s in their folder tonight!

We started our President unit by also reading the book “Grace for President,” and then completed a complete sentence activity within the story.

By the conclusion of this unit, students will research a President, write and deliver a speech, and write a letter to be mailed to President Obama.  We will also learn about the process to become the President, and a bit about how government works.

Students will need to memorize the first five presidents in order, but there will also be an optional contest for memorizing the most in order.  This will take place on Friday, February 27.

Valentine’s Day Information

Students will bring home the information sheet below today.  IF you are sending a little treat as valentines (completely optional) PLEASE read labels to make sure everything is peanut and tree nut free, as we have multiple allergies in our room.  A few safe options are: skittles, smarties, dum dums, tootsie pops, starbursts, oreos, stickers, erasers, pencils, etc.!  Let me know if you have questions about this…..THANKS!

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