Report Card Day

Happy Friday!  Students will be bringing home their report cards today in their folders.  Here are a few things I went over with the students regarding report cards:

– Report cards are a way to show where a student is performing, which is hard to do with a number!  Reading and homeroom teachers work together to figure out the most appropriate “grade” for each student in order to communicate what we are seeing at school.

– You will see comments from myself – where I wrote about what we are learning in class, how your students is working during homeroom time,  and a goal for each student.   You may also see comments from your student’s math teacher, and specialists.

– In the envelope there will also be work samples, as well as items from your student’s reading teacher and math teacher.

– Students are instructed to NOT OPEN the envelopes until they are with an adult at home…..

– Envelopes need to be returned to school with an adult signature


We had some exciting things happen today –

First, we had art, which means we got to work with the Artist in Residence – Shane Anderson.  Make sure to ask your child about this!

We also received our pen pal letters back from the 7th graders!  We were all VERY excited to read the letters and respond again.

Happy Monday!

Cursive a….

Tonight students have some cursive homework.  Please look at the “a” directions on the top of the page.  Today I had each student draw an “a” for me, and some are drawing them backwards.  It’s very important that their a’s are done correctly, because it’s easier to fix it now rather than later.  And, an a is the base for many cursive letters….thanks for your help reinforcing this at home!


I completely forgot to hand out communication sheets yesterday!  So sorry about that.  Here’s a few weekly reminders:

– No school for students on Friday

– Our spelling test is TOMORROW.  Students were given the words last Friday.

– No reading log on a three day week, but they should ALWAYS be reading at night!  At least 20 minutes, and I encourage them to read a part of their minutes out loud – to an adult is awesome, but siblings and pets work too!  It’s a different type of reading that really helps fluency.


Pay it Forward

This afternoon, we talked about what the phrase “Pay it Forward” means, and what is meant by a random act of kindness.  We related it to the Civil Rights leaders we are learning about, because these leaders did small acts that become something bigger than themselves.  Listening to Ruby Bridges today; at the time, she just felt like she was going to school.  One small act.  And look what that has become.

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. day on Monday, I am encouraging/ challenging each student to pay it forward, or to “do” one random act of kindness over the long weekend.  We watched this short clip in order to start our conversation:

Click here for Pay it Forward Video Clip

ALSO a few announcements:    Students got a new spelling list TODAY, for the test next THURSDAY 1/23.  We also got to see the Brooklyn Park jump rope double dutch competition team.  It was so fun to see 4th – 6th grade students jump rope!


You can be anything…

This morning, one of the things we did was to watch an episode of Reading Rainbow.  It centered around the book “Amazing Grace,” written by Mary Hoffman.  It’s a wonderful Children’s book proving that you can be anything you want to be, no matter what people say or what obstacles you face.  Then we got to hear from different people who have overcome adversity, or who are succeeding in things that they were told they could never do.  We worked on a reflection worksheet after the video, and students will have this in their folders tonight.  It would be a great conversation starter tonight at home – and WOW do we have amazing dreams in this classroom.

This week we will be learning all about Ruby Bridges.

We will also be using the different “there/they’re/their” correctly, working on some reflection writing using google docs, working on prefixes, and continuing with cursive writing and building silent reading stamina.

Happy Monday!

Happy Friday

We had a wonderful Friday today!  We finished up learning about Jackie Robinson – ask your student what they learned about this leader!  This week we read about him, talked about him, read a play about his life, illustrated parts of his life, and watched a video about him and what he did for people.

We started cursive!  Students are coming home with a packet – this is for reference and optional extra practice.  If students want to practice writing in cursive at home, it’s a guide for them to make sure they are practicing correctly!  They are EXCITED.

This afternoon we got to watch part of Irondale’s musical Free to Be You and Me.  The high school students were so great, and we all really enjoyed the performance.  I will be playing some of the songs next week during our class because the songs have so many important lessons – here is the poem that ended the show today….

Someone else can tell you how to multiply by three.

And someone else can tell you how to spell Schenectady.

And someone else can tell you how to ride a two-wheeled bike

But no one else, no, no one else

Can tell you what to like.


An engineer can tell you how

To run a railroad train.

A map can tell you where to find

The capital of Spain.

A book can tell you all the names

Of every star above.


But no one else. no. no one else

Can tell you who to love!


Your aunt Louise can tell you how

To plant a pumpkin seed.

Your cousin Frank can tell you how

To catch a centipede.

Your Mom and Dad can tell you how

To brush between each meal.


But no one else, no, no one else

Can tell you how to feel!

For how you feel is how you feel!


And all the whole world through ,

No one else, no. no one else

Knows that as well as you!