Happy Monday!

Usual weekly announcements:

Students are getting a new spelling list today – it’s shorter, and the test will be on THURSDAY this week due to the field trip.

No reading log this week, but students should STILL read every night!

We have almost all turned in our permission slips for Friday – please return them as soon as you can if you have not done so.

We learned how to use Google Docs and started writing a story…ask your student about it.

Happy Monday!

Classroom Library

I am constantly trying to build our classroom library – either by Scholastic points, or goodwill trips, or getting used books from the store, or from family and friends!  I just got a bunch of new books, and the kids were SO excited about the chapter books I had found, that I had to start a new system!  I am allowing students to check out one classroom book at a time to take home – they have to go through a check out process and return it within two weeks.  They’re excited about reading, so I’m excited to let them borrow!   SO – If you see a chapter book at home with my name on it, that’s okay!

Adinkra Cloth

Adinkra cloth is a hand-printed fabric made in Ghana, which is located in West Africa. They are cloths made by the Ashanti people that tell stories or express thoughts and feelings. There are many Adinkra symbols and each of them has different meanings. We learned about this while reading The Talking Cloth.

We have been working with these symbols and this story for the past two days.  Students were asked to choose some of the symbols that represented something about themselves.  They had to write about why they chose what they did.  It was so cool to read and hear about what  the chose to represent themselves!  Our group is AMAZING about being brave enough to share their writing and ideas with the whole group – it is really special.  Look for these to come home this week, you will enjoy reading them as well.

We then moved on to the art behind the cloths, and student had to create stencils of their symbols before making it look like a true Adinkra cloth.  We talked about the art term “resistance” when you use a crayon and then watercolor over the wax.



Today, we talked about what the word “tradition” means.  Students wrote about at least one tradition that they have in their family.  Students then shared with the whole class, and each student read and did some peer reflection/responding to each other.  Look for your students’ writing in their folder tonight!  It was very fun and special to hear about all of the favorite things that every student wrote about.


Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a great break – sure sounds like from our sharing time this morning!

In your students folder tonight, you should find…..a GOLD communication sheet, a PURPLE reading log, and a GREEN spelling list!

You have until Wednesday to submit a book order if you would like to – please follow the “Scholastic Book Order” tab to place an online order.  Your books WILL arrive before winter break.

Please return the manila envelopes tomorrow regarding the fundraiser.  The envelopes need to be returned to the PTA even if you are not participating.

This week we are reading “Grandma’s Records” – according to the students, records are VERY VERY old cds… We read the story, answered questions and started writing about it.

We will be continuing our letter writing unit and sending letters to 7th graders at Edgewood.

We will also be learning about common and proper nouns this week, and spelling plurals.