Thanksgiving Break

Happy Friday!  We have been busy today….working on our Thanksgiving plays during our whole group reading time.  This afternoon each small group will be presenting theirs to different classes.  We finished our symmetry turkeys, and wrote about what we will all be doing over our break.  We also had library check out today, so perfect timing to bring home some new books over the break!  There is no reading log for the week, but please try to have students read.

Remember that there is a book order due date of December 3 – check out the “SCHOLASTIC BOOK ORDERS” tab for more information.

When we return from break, our Unit Studies for December will be around “Winter Holidays around the World.”  We will study at least 6 different holidays – spending the most time on the ones that are represented in our classroom.   I hope to have students help me when we learn about the ones they celebrate!   All third graders are taking home an optional homework assignment over break – to make a wreath out of family member’s handprints.  If you choose to participate, send it back with your student and they will be hung up.  If you choose not to, that is find as well.  

It’s done!

Our giant milk carton is done!  What a great learning experience!  We learned about teamwork, about hard work, about the voting process, about being a leader, about compromising, and all about milk.  We read about milk, and wrote about milk, and talked about healthy milk options in school cafeterias.  We taste tested milk and voted on our class favorite (white milk won!).  We read articles on “green” ideas for our prize money, and wrote essays to submit with our photos about what we would do if ours won.  Building a green house was the option that had the most interest, and I took the ideas and some exact sentences from their writing for our essay submission.  This was truly a “100% done by students in room 132″ project.  They should all be proud of all of their hard work!

photo 1 (9) photo 2 (8) photo 3 (5) photo 4 (4)

Reading Log this week

The reading log is due on FRIDAY this week!  So, students should read 20 minutes tonight, tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Part 1:  keep track of the minutes read and write down what was read as well.

Part 2:  One night when they read, they need to choose a word that is new to them, and fill out the writing sheet that is on the back of their reading log.

Both are due Friday!  Students also have a new spelling list today, with the test on Friday as usual.


Book Order Due Date

Good morning!  I just set another Book Order Due Date – Wednesday December 3rd.  This way books should arrive just before winter break.  Click on the SCHOLASTIC BOOK ORDERS tab along the top menu of this page in order to find our classroom link.   Happy Monday!


Third grade has some exciting information to share. Sunnyside has purchased an “ixl” account for each third grader. Ixl is a website that provides both math and language arts practice. Skills are aligned to state standards, and allow students to work at their own pace.

When students log into their account, all of their work is automatically saved and shared with their teachers. We can see how many minutes students work on the site, how many problems they have done, and their scores for each skill.

When a student gets an incorrect answer, an explanation is always provided. This allows students to correct themselves as they move on to the next question.

All you need is a web browser for ixl to work. Whether you have internet at home, or are close to a public library, ixl is a great way to practice math at home.   For example, if your student needs more help with basic facts or review, they can work on second grade skills to boost their confidence. Once students master a third grade skill, they could work on the same skill in the fourth grade level if they need a challenge.



2. In the upper right hand corner, you will see the username and password boxes.

The username is:   first initial complete last name @ sunnysidemn (no spaces or capital letters)   Example:   kstanoch@sunnysidemn

3. The password for all students: sunny.621

4. Select either “MATH” or “LANGUAGE ARTS” and then Third Grade Skills.

5. You can also select “MINNESOTA STATE STANDARDS” to see which specific ixl skills are tied directly to which state standard.

Your students will be shown how to use ixl during class – ask them to show you! Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Veteran’s Day

This morning, we watched a short video clip about the history of Veteran’s Day.  We also shared personal stories of people in our families who have been a part of the military.  Then, students read an article about a third grader helping a Veteran.  This afternoon during writing time students will be writing letters.

The week ahead

The students are enjoying watching the snow today…..

Today they will have the following things in their folders:

New communication sheet, new reading log, new spelling list, and another reminder about the parent night open house on Thursday.

This week we will be learning how to write a letter, reading and writing about Veteran’s Day (tomorrow), and reading a story called The Keeping Quilt.  We will also be working on the Author’s purpose and point of view in a variety of stories.

On Thursday is our parent night open house.  It will run from 6pm – 7pm, and you can stop by for about 15 minutes at any time during that hour.  Your child will have some things to show you, and you will leave with progress update sheets from homeroom, math and from reading to go through at home.  If you are not able to come your child will bring the progress sheets home with them on Friday.

Stamp idea

Need a new, fun way to practice spelling at home?  I found these at Michael’s craft store this week – only $1.50 for the ABC set of stamps and $1.50 for the ink.  Thought I would share!

photo (3)