Milk taste test

All week we have been reading non-fiction articles about milk.  We have learned about the process of creating milk, and why milk is good for you.  We also read an article about the somewhat controversial topic about serving chocolate milk in the cafeteria.  Students had to choose what side they were on and write about it.  Today we did a little taste test, and students tried a sample of both chocolate and strawberry milk.  We then voted on our favorite milk – white milk, strawberry milk or chocolate milk.  We will take our data and create a bar graph tomorrow.  We also talked about the “Got Milk?” campaign, and students started to write and design their own “Got Milk?” posters.




Milk carton excitement

WOW!   I shared an article from a magazine with our class yesterday afternoon.  It was about a milk carton annual contest, where cafeteria milk cartons are collected, washed, and turned into a piece of art.   I am not sure I have ever seen a group of kids SO excited about something – I didn’t have to even think about it – we are participating!  Their enthusiasm is contagious, inspiring, and FUN!  We had a lot to talk about today…..problems we may run into, how to collect milk cartons, what sculpture we will make, etc.!

Students had to write about it, discuss in small groups, and tomorrow we will vote on our big idea.  I have said no tv characters, and we need to choose something we have already learned about this year, or something that we want to learn about.  Once our group votes and decides, we will focus some of our reading, writing, and learning time these next few weeks about our theme in order to really make our learning authentic and connect the project with our third grade standards.

Collecting the cartons in a manageable way was a great discussion we had this morning.  The students decided to assign three different students each day to collect at breakfast and at lunch.  We developed a system for doing this, we practiced what to say to the other students when asking for a carton, and we learned how and when we will clean the cartons.

Now, we also read about Pompeii and Mummy’s today, practiced writing in a sequence, went to math, participated in guided reading class, finished our monster stories, and made it to phy ed, but the cartons are definitely on everyone’s minds!

Here is more information about the contest.

How to catch a monster….

Students finished their creative stories today – they wrote a rough draft, a final draft, and had to illustrate their monster.  We had some very creative ways to catch a monster….look for their stories to come home soon!

Students had technology and library today – we checked out a lot of new books!

Students should continue reading, writing and practicing spelling every night.

This week!

Happy Monday!  Lots of announcements today, and a summary of what we did….

– New spelling list, reading log and communication sheet are in folders tonight.  We talked for a while about the reading log and went over any questions….book orders are due Wednesday – find the Scholastic book order tab on our blog.

– Today we started talking about “Sequencing”….we used the story Stellaluna to put the main events in order.  We then started a creative writing sequencing activity where students need to describe “how to catch a monster….”  We wil work on that more tomorrow.

We finished the beautiful day outside by writing and sketching in our science journals.

It was a good start to the week!

Here is a reading of Stellaluna….


Big Buck Bunny

We worked on making inferences today……first, we watched this video clip, and each time I paused it, students needed to write inferences on their paper.  Then, we moved on to Riddles, and why inferences and predictions are important in order to solve riddles.  Students REALLY wanted this video on the blog, so here it is:

As a few reminders – a short week means a short reading log – students only need to write down what they read and for how long.  Also no spelling list/test this week because of the short week.


1.  Spelling test

2.  Wolf project needs to be done, and we will be presenting it to first graders

3.  Handwriting (printing) packet is due – students have been working on this all year, so many are already finished and turned in


What is History?

We started our Ancient Civilizations unit this afternoon, and started out by watching this video and asking the question “what IS history?”

Students will then learn about 5-6 ancient civilizations for the next four weeks.  The first two weeks will be with me, and the second two weeks will be with Ms .Hoff as we will be switching.  It is just an introduction/overview of the ideas behind each time period because it will just be studied from 2:30 – 3:00 each day.

During grandparents day last week, one of the jobs students had was to introduce their special guests to myself.  I then took a picture of them!  Each student has at least 1-3 copies of the photos I took in their folder today – please look for them and share them with the special guests who came.  If students did not have a visitor, they still participated and joined up with another adult or special guest in the room.  They will also have at least one photo!  I hope you enjoy the copies.

Students need to read 20 minutes tonight, and make sure it gets written on their reading log chart.  They should also study their spelling words because they’re test is on THURSDAY due to Friday being a teacher workshop day.

Their wolf projects are almost done – ask your student about their project and remind them they need to be completely finished by Thursday for when we present our projects to first graders.

Busy but four day week ahead….

Happy Monday!

This week we will be talking about “Cause and Effect” – both in fiction and non fiction texts.  Ask the students about the story they wrote with their group today!

Students will have a little more time in class this week to complete their wolf projects.  They are due on THURSDAY morning.  We will then be sharing our projects with first graders!

Reading logs are due every Monday.  A few students left theirs at home today and need to bring them tomorrow.

A new spelling list and reading log will be sent home today.  As a reminder, there is no school for students on Friday.  Teachers have a workshop day.  So, our spelling test will be on Thursday.  As far as their test last Friday, I forgot to take them home over the weekend, so students will get them back tomorrow –

Follow the Scholastic Book Orders tab at the top of our blog to place a book order (if you want!).  The due date this time is Wednesday October 15th.