Picture Day

Is tomorrow!  You can order online….

Go to:  mylifetouch.com

Order, pay, and print the ticket.  Have your child then bring the printed ticket to school tomorrow.

Picture Day ID:  MI234317Y0


We are working on a song for Grandparents day, and I told the students today I would put the audio on our blog tonight –                  click here for the link.  The song is #9 – Velcro.  Enjoy!

This week…

This week will be a busy week!  Here are some important things to remember….

– Our field trip is Thursday!  I will send out more information about what to wear tomorrow.

– Picture day is Wednesday.  If you have purchased pictures online, print the ticket and have your child bring it to class.

– Today is our last day researching Wolves.  Students will then choose an individual project to share their research (a book, a report, a poster, a presentation, etc.)

– We are working on “context clues” – how you can use the words and pictures surrounding unknown words in order to find the meaning.  Whenever you read with your child, practicing this is a GREAT and important skill.

– Students will receive their new spelling test this afternoon

– Grandparents day is Friday from 10:30 – 11:15.  We will have stations for the students to work on with their special guests.

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!  A few things to chat with your student about over the weekend…..

– They had a spelling test today

– They are finishing up their wolf research and have learned a LOT about wolves!

– We practiced bus safety today, on a real school bus.

– Their first reading log is due on Monday morning!  Please remind them to write down the title each day and how many minutes they are reading.

A few announcements

Happy Wednesday!  Here are some weekly announcements…..

– Our reading logs have started this week!  Check out my post about the expectations for more details.  Make sure each night students are filling out WHAT they read and for how LONG – the writing portion of the assignment can be done when it works – some choose to do all the writing in one night, some like to do the appetizer one day, and spread it out….

– Yesterday we had a special guest – Mr. Marvin Sims – who works in the district as a counselor and teacher – come talk to us about persistence and being a student.  He shared his life story, and encouraged the students to dream big and work hard.

– Yesterday we also attending the Sunnyside Bullying presentation.  Students wrote a few things they learned during the presentation, and you should see their writing in their folders tonight.

– Our wolf field trip is a week from tomorrow – make sure you have turned in the permission slip!

– We have continued to study wolves this week, and are using laptops this afternoon to increase our sources.  Ask your child what they are learning about the wolf!

– Remember to help your student practice their spelling list for our test on Friday.

Reading Logs…

Happy Monday!  This morning students learned all about the state of Hawaii!  Our story this week is “The Three Little Hawaiian Pigs and the Magic Shark.”  Students haven’t read the story yet….I gave them the title and background information about Hawaii, and in groups they worked to come up with predictions.  They needed to recall the other two similar stories we have read this year, along with this prior knowledge of the place in order to create their prediction story.

Students also got back their Friday’s spelling test, and their next list of words.  Remember to check out our spelling city link for an extra copy of the list and online games and activities with the words.  Students all made a goal for themselves for the next test.

Our weekly reading logs are also starting today.  These will be due each Monday – here are a few things about our reading logs:

– Students are expected to read about 20 minutes a night

– There are boxes to record what the student read and how many minutes, for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then for the weekend.

– Students are also required to reflect on what they read and to write about it.

– Our reading log looks like a Menu – with a choice for the “appetizer” the “main course” and the “dessert.”

– For the first few weeks, I will choose what they need to write about.

– The main course and the dessert need to be complete sentences.  They should answer each question listed on the menu.

– Students can choose to do the writing at any time during the week – and about how much or how little they have read so far.

– The completed reading log chart and the menu writing will be due each Monday morning.

Students have all done practice Reading Menus in class, so that they know what is expected at home.

Since it is so important for students to not only read – but to comprehend, reflect and discuss their reading – this type of reading log is a great tool.  It will also allow me to see their writing progress – both with handwriting and forming complete sentences.  Students will receive comments each week.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Here is an extra copy of the reading log!

Copy of Reading Log

Math games anyone?

At the link below you can find a bunch of math games to practice basic facts.  The nice thing about the link is that there aren’t many materials required to play, and mixing up how kids practice facts is always a good idea.  Basic math facts are really helpful as students get further along in math.  Those who have good number sense and can recall facts really do have an easier time and more time to concentrate on the math that is being taught, instead of the facts needed.

Nothing required, but wanted to share it for some family fun!  I’ll keep sending more too as the year goes along.  (Some can easily be changed in order to make it harder too, or some of the addition ones would work with multiplication, and so forth)  

Math Games Link


Reader’s Theater

Wow!  This morning, students participated in their first Reader’s Theater of The Three Javelinas.  We will do a few of these throughout the year as a different way to participate in whole group reading.  I was SO PROUD of every single student – both as audience members and as performers.  They were fantastic.  Towards the spring, after we have done a few, they will become more like “real plays” instead of just a reader’s theater, so I will then invite parents to come in to see one.  This time, I did video tape all three groups, so I will plan on sharing the videos with you all.  I will be putting it on an online password protected page, so that parents only will receive access……

This afternoon students will take their second spelling test, and then continue to learn more about wolves.  We developed questions yesterday for different wolf topics and we have a lot of great questions to research.  The three main topic groups are:  communication, characteristics and habitat/survival.

Have a great weekend!

Weekly update

Good afternoon!  Our story this week has been the Three Javelinas.  We have read the story, worked on finding the meaning of new words in the text, and have been practicing it as a play.  Reading in different ways help with fluency, and with having fun with a text.  Students really seem to enjoy this and are working hard.

We have also started to learn about Wolves – we will be learning about wolves for the next few weeks, until our field trip which is now on Thursday October 2.  I have gotten almost 20 wolf books from the Ramsey Co library, and students have enjoyed reading the different books.  Yesterday, students were asked to think about one or two things they would like to learn more about, in regards to wolves.  I took their responses, and put each student into three categories – this will now be their research topic and they will become the “expert” of this wolf topic!  Then they will teach the other groups what they have learned.

During writing time we are  working on writing in complete sentences.  If your child needs extra “printing” practice and you would like extra practice sheets for home, just let me know.

Our second spelling test is tomorrow – if you have internet at home, have your student try “spelling city!”  It’s a fun and different way to practice the words.  All students wrote a goal last week of how many spelling words they want to get correct.  They will write a new goal each week.  All students do need to try all 20 words, with the last five being the only optional words.